• The Ideas Issue
    subject: Key & Peele
    shot for: Time
    photo editor: Myles Little
    senior photo editor: Paul Moakley
    photography director: Kira Pollack
    design director: D.W. Pine
    wardrobe stylist: Jessie Cohan
    prop stylist: Jesse Nemeth
    groomer: Lauren Kaye Cohen

    Time<br />The Ideas Issue<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • Nick Offerman: The Parks and Rec star on his breakout year
    subject: Nick Offerman
    shot for: Chicago
    photography director: Megan Lovejoy Deja
    design director: Bryan Erickson
    prop stylist: Ward Robinson
    groomer: Barbara Guillame/ EA Management

    Chicago<br />Nick Offerman<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • The 4th Annual Power of Comedy Issue
    subject: Jimmy Kimmel
    shot for: Variety
    photo editor: Bailey Franklin
    wardrobe stylist: Rodney Munoz
    groomer: Stephanie Fowler

    Variety<br />The 4th Annual Power of Comedy Issue<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • Fantasy Football Issue
    subject: Arian Foster/ Houston Texans
    shot for: ESPN The Magazine
    photo editor: Stephanie Weed
    photography director: Karen Frank
    creative director: John Korpics
    production: Producit
    producers: Emily Roth, Allison Bebout
    set build/ props: John Geary
    animal wrangling: Gentle Jungle

    ESPN<br />Fantasy Football Issue<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • Last Dance
    subjects: Swedish House Mafia
    shot for: Billboard
    photo director: Ameila Halverson
    creative director: Andrew Horton
    wardrobe stylist: Ise White
    prop stylist: Angela Campos/ Stockland Martel
    grooming: Christine Herbeck

    Billboard<br />Last Dance<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • What, Me Marry?
    sitter: Kate Bolick
    shot for: The Atlantic Monthly
    photo editor: Ayanna Quint
    creative director: Luke Hayman / Pentagram
    wardrobe stylist: Jill Roth
    prop stylist: Ward Robinson / Art Works Hollywood
    groomer: Cheryl Calo / Cloutier

    The Atlantic<br />What, Me Marry?<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • The How To Issue
    sitter: Richard Branson
    shot for: Bloomberg Businessweek
    photo editor: Karen Frank
    groomer: Assumpta Clohessey

    Bloomberg Businessweek<br />The How To Issue<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • Michele Bachmann
    shot for: Newsweek Daily Beast
    photo editor: Scott Hall
    design director: Dirk Barnett
    editor & chief: Tina Brown
    writer: Lois Romano

    Newsweek<br />The Queen of Rage<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • Latter-Day Saints
    subjects: Trey Parker & Matt Stone
    shot for: New York Magazine
    photo editor: Caroline Smith
    director of photography: Jennifer Miller
    stylist: Ise Michelle White

    New York Magazine<br />Latter-Day Saints<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • Funny Man On Fire
    subject: Steve Coogan
    shot for: Maxim
    photo editor: Mary-Clancey Pace
    wardrobe stylist: Erin Turon
    groomer: Amy Komorowski / Celestine
    pyrotechnics: Waldo Warshaw

    Maxim<br />Funny Man On Fire<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • Harold Ramis Gets The Last Laugh
    shot for: GQ
    photo editor: Krista Prestek
    director of photography: Dora Somosi
    wardrobe stylist: Michael Nash
    prop stylist: Liz Engelhardt
    groomer: Sara Glick / Art Mix
    retouching: Brian Emery / iPrint

    GQ<br />Harold Ramis Gets the Last Laugh<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • All The Way Home
    subject: Austin Texas travel story
    shot for: The Walrus
    photo editor: Bree Seeley

    The Walrus<br />All The Way Home<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • Cramer Vs Cramer
    subject: Jim Cramer
    shot for: New York Magazine
    director of photography: Jody Quon

    New York Magazine<br />Cramer vs. Cramer<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>s
  • What I've Learned William Shatner
    shot for: Esquire
    photo editor: Michael Norseng
    director of photography: Nancy Jo Iacoi
    groomer: Andrew Clement

    Esquire<br />What I've Learned, William Shatner<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • What I've Learned Snoop Dogg
    shot for: Esquire
    photo editor: Alison Unterreiner
    director of photography: Michael Norseng
    barber: Scooter
    hair: Tasha Hayward
    dog: Black Mama

    Esquire<br />What I've Learned, Snoop Dog<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • Ahead of the Curve
    subject: Marc Newson
    shot for: Art + Auction
    photo editors: Miranda Dempster, Elizabeth DeMase

    Art + Auction<br />Ahead of the Curve<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • The Most Charming, Elegant,
    Graceful, Cosy, Genteel, Affluent 2.2 Square Miles in Texas*

    shot: for Texas Monthly
    art director: Scott Dadich

    Texas Monthly<br />The Most Charming, Elegant, Graceful, Cosy, Genteel, Affluent 2.2 Square Miles in Texas*<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • Little Lamb Who Made Thee?
    subject: Dolly (clone sheep)
    shot for: Newsweek
    photo editors: Myra Kreiman, Lisa Burroughs

    Newsweek<br />Little Lamb Who Made Thee?<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • The Second Coming of Mickey Rourke
    shot for: Premiere
    photo editor: Catriona Ni Aolain
    producer: Emily Roth / Producit
    groomer: Monet

    Premiere<br />The Second Coming of Mickey Rourke<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>
  • George Clooney
    originally shot for: The New York Times Magazine
    photo editor: Kira Pollack

    Sunday Herald<br />George Clooney<br /><span>Editorial Tearsheets</span>