• Bryan Cranston & Jon Hamm
    shot for Newsweek
    photo editor: Paul Moakley
    wardrobe stylist for Jon Hamm: Melissa Meister
    grooming for Jon Hamm: Sabrina Bedrani
    hair for Bryan Cranston: Lori Baker
    make-up for Bryan Cranston: Freida Valenzuela

    Bryan Cranston & Jon Hamm<br />Famous Portraits<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Steve Martin
    shot for Premiere
    photo editor: Linda Liang
    director of photography: David Carthas
    stylist: Liz Engelhardt
    groomer: Joe Campagno

    Steve Martin<br />Famous Portraits<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Tegan & Sara
    shot for Warner Bros Music
    wardrobe stylist: Toyo Tsuchiya
    groomer: Theo Kogan

    Tegan & Sara<br />Music Portraits<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Nick Cave
    shot for Magnet
    photo editor: Kimberly Merritt

    Nick Cave<br />Music Portraits<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali, 2010
    shot for Guardian Weekend
    photo editor: Kate Edwards
    wardrobe stylist: Mindy Saad/ Artist Group Ltd

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali, 2010<br />Writer Portraits<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • President Barack Obama 2013
    shot for The New Republic
    design director: Dirk Barnett
    editor in chief: Franklin Foer
    publisher: Chris Hughes

    President Barack Obama 2013<br />Political Portraits<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Mike Greenberg
    shot for ESPN Magazine
    photo editor: Catriona Ni Aolain
    grooming: Naomi Warden/ Artists by Timothy Priano

    Mike Greenberg<br />(Un)Common Portraits 1<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Bill Buford
    shot for Entertainment Weekly
    photo editor: Freyda Tavin
    wardrobe stylist: Tara Charne
    prop stylist: Anne Koch
    groomer: Assumpta Clohessy / Susan Price Inc.
    animal wrangler: Janice Skura / All Tame Animals
    pig: Calvin

    Bill Buford<br />(Un)Common Portraits 1<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Bruce & Pamela Davis, Tales of the Hamptons
    shot for New York
    photo editor: Sabine Meyer

    Bruce & Pamela Davis<br />(Un)Common 2 Portraits<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Highland Park Boy
    shot for Texas Monthly
    design director: Scott Dadich

    Highland Park Boy<br />(Un)Common 2 Portraits<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Detroit Car Show
    shot for Esquire
    photo editor: Nancy Jo Iacoi
    producer: Steve Curley
    groomer: Sandy Bowman

    Detroit Car Show<br />Humor / Conceptual<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Raw Milk
    shot for The New Yorker
    photo editor: Jessie Wender
    photography director: Whitney Johnson
    models: Karl Preheim, Michael Alfheim

    Raw Milk<br />Humor / Conceptual<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Picture 1<br />Mystery<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Picture 12<br />Mystery<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Bruce Kaster
    shot for Esquire
    photography director: Nancy Jo Iacoi

    Bruce Kaster<br />Black & White Portraits<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Javier Bardem
    shot for VLife
    photo editor: Lesley Meyer

    Javier Bardem<br />Black & White Portraits<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • LastMinute.com
    shot for Lastminute.com
    agency: Adam & Eve London
    creative producers: Andrea Walji, Roy Barker
    creative directors: Frank Ginger, Shay Reading
    production: Locate Productions
    producer: Angus Light
    wardrobe stylist: Lisa Dredge
    interior's stylist: Susie Clegg
    hair & make-up: Brigitta Smart
    casting: Lou de Ville Morel

    Lastminute.com<br />Advertising - Recent<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Be Stupid
    shot for Diesel
    agency: Anomaly
    art buyer: Josette Lata
    creative directors: Ian Toombs, Andrea Gustafson
    production: The Custom Family
    producer: Larry McCrudden
    wardrobe stylist: Leslie Lessin / Brydges MacKinney
    prop stylist: Rick Floyd
    hair: Dennis Gots / Community NYC
    make-up: Francelle / Dennis Gots
    animal wranglers: Steve Martin, Chris / Steve Martin Ranch

    Diesel, Be Stupid<br />Advertising - Recent<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Virgin
    shot for Xerox
    agency: Young & Rubicam
    art producer: Deena Fayette
    creative director: Kleber Menezes
    producer: Fanny Legge
    wardrobe stylist: Arianne Tunney
    prop stylist: Chris Gaskill / Art Works Hollywood
    groomer: Renee Loiz / Aubri Balk
    key talent: Sydney Wheeler
    other visible talent: David Bianchi, Erin Spencer,
    Patrick Thompson, Paulett Maxwell

    Xerox<br />Advertising - Recent<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Dinosaur Campaign
    shot for Microsoft
    agency: McCann Erickson
    art buyer: Lynn Sutliff
    art director: Dan Weeks
    creative directors: Walt Connelly, John McNeil
    production: 2D Productions
    producers: Shauna Simmons, Matt Akehurst, Andrea Hetherington
    wardrobe stylist: Adriana Verway
    prop stylist: David Coleman
    mask makers: Jim Charmatz, Joseph Pepe / Stan Winston Studio, LA

    Microsoft Office<br />The I Can't Deal With All Of This Data Era Is Over<br />Advertising - Classic<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Citibank
    shot for Citibank
    agency: Fallon Minneapolis
    art buyer: Katie Cook Cronin
    art directors: Chris Lange, Steve Diggs
    creative director: Harvey Marco
    producer: Emily Roth
    prop stylist: Chris Gaskill

    Citibank<br />Advertising - Classic<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • The Ideas Issue
    subject: Key & Peele
    shot for: Time
    photo editor: Myles Little
    senior photo editor: Paul Moakley
    photography director: Kira Pollack
    design director: D.W. Pine
    wardrobe stylist: Jessie Cohan
    prop stylist: Jesse Nemeth
    groomer: Lauren Kaye Cohen

    Time<br />The Ideas Issue<br />Editorial Tearsheets<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • The 4th Annual Power of Comedy Issue
    subject: Jimmy Kimmel
    shot for: Variety
    photo editor: Bailey Franklin
    wardrobe stylist: Rodney Munoz
    groomer: Stephanie Fowler

    Variety<br />The 4th Annual Power of Comedy Issue<br />Editorial Tearsheets<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Another Viagra Success Story<br />Motion<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Shot on assignment for the Hewlett Packard photography library, this in-house collection was used to support brochures, presentations and industry related literature. Photographed over three years in Ontario, Canada; San Francisco and Los Angeles, California; Morocco and Ghana.

    These are the photographer's selects.

    Commissioned by Robert Stone and Liz Sutton of Stone Yamashita

    Just Married<br />HP Library<br />Portfolio Overview<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • This is a collection of celebrity portraits. Each is titled with the sitter's name as the subjects are physically within the frame; hiding behind or under some feature in the photograph.

    The full series includes fifty portraits, and is published as a book by Kehrer Verlag. In the monograph a signed witness form is displayed across from each plate, verifying that each sitting took place.

    Michael Stipe<br />Presence<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • ISN'T is a series of photographs of celebrity look-alikes; some were shot for Maxim and GQ magazines, some independently.

    Paul Cooper isn't Bill Gates<br />ISN'T<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • All Fours is a series of portraits of people on their all fours.

    "Picture 2"<br />All Fours<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Thirteen writers were commissioned by Outside Magazine to tell us about their irrational and inexplicable anxieties. Seven are illustrated here.

    photo editor: Quentin Nardi
    creative director: Hannah McCaughey
    prop stylist: Sandra Swieder
    golf course: New York Country Club

    Tickphobia<br />Phobias<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>
  • Things People Carry was shot with musicians touring through Toronto while Chris was in his third year of college (at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute). Each subject is discussing an item that they carry with them, something of meaning that does not have a practical purpose.

    Mark E. Smith<br />Things People Carry<br /><span>Portfolio Overview</span>