Another Viagra Success Story
2 spots for Taxi Toronto and Pfizer Canada.
15 seconds each

John Oliver on Dictators
As a preview of his summer 2013 take-over of The Daily Show we quizzed the new host on his favorite dictators. Shot for GQ Magazine.
2:59 minutes

Kobe: The Movie Teaser
A teaser for the faux Kobe Bryant biopic. Shot for the 15th Anniversary Issue of ESPN The Magazine.
2:03 minutes

Shout Out For Evolution
Darwin gets mad props from science rapper Baba Brinkman.
1:46 minutes

The Eye Test
What's become of friendship? Shot for Wired magazine, Volume 19, Issue 5.
1:05 minutes

Wake Up, Geek Culture, Time to Die
"Looking back, we were American otakus." Comedian Patton Oswalt sees our forthcoming cultural destruction and rebirth.
2:00 minutes